Is my cold common cold or Allergy ?

If your runny nose is is associated with fever and body ache and lasts for shorter duration it is more likely to be common cold. Allergic cold will not have these associated symptoms and will last for months together with either perennial symptoms or seasonal symptoms

Will my allergy spread to other members in family?

Allergy is not contagious , but allergy is inherited. If both parents are suffering then chances of child inheriting allergy is 80%

Do we need to plug ears with cotton if I have ear discharge?

Plugging ears with cotton all time will increase humidity in ears and cause fungal infection. You have to plug ear with cotton soaked with vaseline and keep it only while you are taking bath and keep it open rest of the time.

How can I control my gastritis?

Gastritis/ Laryngo pharyngeal reflux is a life style disorder. Some changes in diet and life style will help for long term management . 5 short meals, 3 liters of water consumption, avoiding fried items and tea and coffee, keeping 2 hours gap between dinner and bed time, keeping the head end elevated during sleep helps to keep gastritis under control

Are steriods nasal sprays harmful?

No. Steroid nasal sprays are very safe. Steriod content in nasal sprays are in micrograms. They act majorly on nose it self and their absorption in to blood stream is as low as0.1%. You have to learn from your doctor the proper technique of using it.

How can we avoid house dust mites?

House dust mites are frequently found in our bedroom on beds, bedsheets and carpets and pillows. They require relative humidity of > than 70% for their growth. Frequent changing of bed sheets and washing them with hot water (50-60 *C) and sun drying for 3 hours can reduce dust mite load. Mite encasings can also be used for beds. Wet mopping has to be practiced instead of dry dusting.

In there increase in Allergy symptoms in Monsoon?

Monsoon is time for pollination for many weed pollen such as Parthenium. Many Pollen sensitized patients have increased spurt of symptoms between June to September. House dust mites which is most common allergen also grows more in monsoon because of increased humidity which favors growth of dust mites . Also because of cloudy weather many will not be able to do frequent sun drying of bed sheets, which increases house dust mite load. Increased relative humidity inside the house also causes mold growth , which causes problem for for fungus sensitive patients