Clinical Services

Allergy consultation

Skin Prick Allergy test: Skin Prick test is vivo epicutaneous test to detect the allergy . Small droplets of different allergens are placed over forearm and slightly lifted with lancet . Test is read after 15 min to see if any wheal and flare reaction is there.It is quick, reliable and painless test.

Pulmonary Function Test: It is test to determinethe lung function. One can differentiate between obstructive and restrictive type of lung disease and also can judge response to treatment

Pure tone Audiometry: Pure tone Audiometry is test done to know the extent and type of hearing loss. Tympanometry further tells us about pressure and volume and compliance of middle ear and helps to differentiate the type of hearing loss in middle ear.

Other Services

ENT consultation

Microscopic ear cleaning

Nasal Endoscopy

Rigid Endoscopy larynx



Gun shot Piercing