Pulse Oximetry

Pulse Oximetry

19 May 2021

Pulse Oximetry Monitoring

Pulse oximeters have become one of the important device to be kept at home in the present covid pandemic. If you have mild covid symptoms and you are at home isolation under the supervision of a physician, monitoring pulse oximetry at home is utmost important. Here are few tips to to read your pulse oximetry

Home isolation does not just mean isolating in one room. You should be under a supervision of a Doctor by audio or video consultation

Choose the middle finger and place the pulse oximeter on the pulp of middle finger. Remove the nail polish of nails if any , before placing.

Rest the hand on your thigh or on any firm surface. Let the hand not be moving while taking the reading.

Wait for the proper wave pattern to occur and once you note the complete wave pattern that is the time to read the saturation.

Value below %SpO2 is your oxygen saturation and value below PR is your pulse rate.

During covid monitoring it is advisable to take reading post 6minutes walk. Your reading should not fall by 5% from your baseline reading.