Home isolation Instructions for Corona Positive patient

Home isolation Instructions for Corona Positive patient

19 May 2021

We know that majority of Covid patients can be managed at home. But it is your doctor who should take a call whether you can be kept under home care under supervision or not.

What to be done if you are under home isolation?

Home isolation does not just mean isolating in one room. You should be under a supervision of a Doctor by audio or video consultation

Inform your treating doctor about all your co morbidities and medications that you are on.

You should be monitoring your pulse oximetry twice per day, ideally post 6 min walk.

Any variations in pulse oximetry reading, immediately bring it to the notice of your doctor

Take prescribed medications that has been given to you .

Very important is to do serial monitoring through certain blood parameters . Some patients may show up with new onset of symptoms or worsening of symptoms at 7th or 8th day of illness. Depending on your symptoms and blood test doctor might take decision on admission care

It is not necessary to do HRCT Chest for all patients. Doing CT scan within 5 days of illness is illogical and may give false sense of confidence.

It is very important to consider timing in COVID treatment. Hence keep a count from Day 1 of your symptoms..

Close monitoring from Day 7 to 12 is very important

It is not necessary to have negative Rt PCR test to come out of isolation, test can remain positive even after 1 month of active illness. Covid positive patient will not be infective to others after 12 days of their illness.

How to keep up your Spirit

Our immunity system is the one which ultimately decides how we fight against infection. So sound mind and sound body can definitely win over Corona.

 Practice following thing during isolation

Maintain good hydration. Consumption of 3 litres of liquid is recommended

Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet

Consume 2 servings of mixed dry fruits to overcome tiredness

Do breathing exercises twice daily for 10 to 15min. If you are Yoga practioner or doing regular work outs, you can continue that at moderate level depending on your symptoms

Sleep in proning positions (lie on your tummy ) periodically

Books are good company when you are alone. Do some positive reading

Connect to people who have recovered. Keep away from negative news

Last thing is let this Positivity and practice be our life style for ever. Lets live symbiotic Life!