Can ear issues cause Giddiness?

Can ear issues cause Giddiness?

15 Sep 2020

Many may not be aware that our Ear is not only concerned with hearing but also  has very important function of balancing our body. Our inner ear has special structure called as labyrinth  which gives us spatial orientation and keeps our body balanced at rest and in Motion.  Labyrinth has 3 semi circular canal which are placed at 90 degrees to each other and utricle and saccule , which all together forms Peripheral vestibular system.

Some of the features of giddiness of ear cause are that it is often felt as  rotatory type of giddiness, some times there can be ringing sound or decreased in hearing associated with that. Positional triggers can often be there. There could be some associated symptoms as  vomiting sensation and sweating.

Some of the common conditions of inner ears are Benign positional paroxysmal vertigo (BPPV) which is characterized by intense rotatory vertigo lasting for few seconds in particular head positions, Meniere's disease  which is characterized by  fluctuating hearing loss with tinnitus and  vertigo lasting for minutes to hours. Vestibular neuronitis , labyrinthitis, peripheral vestibulopathy are some other causes of peripheral vertigo.

Doctor will need to run some tests such as Pure tone Audiometry, VNG and some positional tests to diagnose type of vertigo that patient is  suffering from .